5 Best Menlo Park Neighborhoods to Call Home

  • Michael Maze
  • 11/5/21

Menlo Park is one of Silicon Valley’s most upscale and charming communities. The city has a thriving, tech-centered economy, and superb restaurants, shopping, and events. Menlo Park’s highly-rated public and private schools are excellent as well.

Considered part of the San Francisco Bay Area, Menlo Park is a prime living location. Neighborhoods throughout the city boast homes that are beautifully built and have breathtaking views. Menlo Park is also made up of a unique mix of urban and suburban lifestyles. Some parts of the city are bustling with modern energy while others are dripping with old-world sophistication.

Regardless of which area of Menlo Park you decide to reside in, you can count on landing a high-quality house surrounded by friendly neighbors. If you are ready to make the move to this lovely, tight-knit, and posh city, these are the five best Menlo Park neighborhoods to call home.

Central Menlo Park

This family-friendly neighborhood is the heart of Menlo Park. Located between the city’s downtown area and Allied Arts, Central Menlo Park is a quiet area that touts big lots with wide, tree-lined streets. One of the more affluent neighborhoods in the city, Central Menlo Park features a mix of older ranch-style houses and newer luxurious mansions. 

Most people who move to Central Menlo Park end up staying since the community is so tight-knit. Neighborhood traditions include barbecues and parties on some streets. There are also good old fashion alma mater rivalries, as both Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley are in proximity. 

Central Menlo Park has a variety of school options, ranging from child care and preschools to public and private K-12 schools. The area also has several parks to get out and enjoy nature, along with high-end shopping options. Running between Atherton and Stanford, Menlo Park is close to Sand Hill Road, making the drive to Silicon Valley’s tech companies easy.

If you are longing to live somewhere that has a strong sense of community, Central Menlo Park is the neighborhood for you.

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Sharon Heights

This private and personal neighborhood is a lovely place to put down your roots. Sharon Heights is a small community that is surrounded by the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains and bordered by The Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club.

The neighborhood consists of traditional ranch-style abodes and large modern properties. All homes are aesthetically pleasing and have walking access to a community duck pond. It is common to see residents meandering around the pond and getting together for community events there. It is at the duck pond that the community holds its annual National Night Out and spring Easter egg hunt! 

Within the area, you will find the Sharon Heights Shopping Center and dog-friendly Sharon Park. The landmark of the area, however, is the Rosewood Sand Hill, which is a 16-acre world-renowned luxury retreat. For those who need to commute to bigger cities like San Francisco, this neighborhood is an ideal location as well. Sharon Heights is also in close vicinity to Stanford University.

If you are looking for a quiet oasis in the middle of a tech-centered community, Sharon Heights is the perfect place for you. 

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Felton Gables

This historical neighborhood has an abundance of distinct abodes and gorgeous landscaping. The homes in Felton Gables are a quaint assortment of styles, while the peaceful streets are adorned with magnolia, oak, and maple trees.

The history of this majestic neighborhood dates back to 1870. Former United States Senator Charles N. Felton built his mansion and gardens in what is now known as the Felton Gables community. Following his death, his private estate was divided into 113 houses with different architectural styles. Today, some of the original homes are still intact, while others have been remodeled into multi-story residencies. 

The name of the neighborhood is not the only thing that lives on from Senator Felton’s legacy. Throughout Felton Gables, you will find gardens and greenery that make this vicinity naturally beautiful.

Another prominent feature of Felton Gables is that it has a direct back gate that leads into Holbrook-Palmer Park. The Park is the city’s recreation area, which includes 22-acres of indoor and outdoor facilities in a whimsical garden setting. 

Felton Gables is a classic community that will take you back in time, yet make you feel right at home with its cozy nature.

Credit: Felton Gables Neighborhood

Stanford Hills

This small, rural neighborhood is situated between winding, golden hills. Situated between Sand Hill and Alpine Road, Stanford Hills has only one road in and out of its community, lending to a tight-knit atmosphere. 

Homes in Stanford Hills are spread out and many have gorgeous Bay Area views. Surrounding the homes are herds of cattle, which gives Stanford Hills that rustic feel. There are only 78 properties total—many of which have been renovated—giving residents a strong sense of community. Many people who decide to live in Stanford Hills stay for a long time as well, further adding to the bond of the community.

Holiday block parties are common in Stanford Hills, with at least three taking place a year. You will also see residents walking and biking throughout the community since there is no through traffic. Stanford Hills has a private park with a playground and grassy picnic area too. 

Nearby to Stanford Hills, there are child care centers, preschools, and public K-12 schools. The neighborhood is also less than 10 minutes away from both Palo Alto and Downtown Menlo Park. 

The tucked-away, rural character of Stanford Hills has made it a quaint and neighborly community. 

Credit: Michael Maze Real Estate

Menlo Oaks

This charming neighborhood embodies the tree-lined streets that Menlo Park is recognized for. Menlo Oaks is a rustic area made up of big lots full of numerous towering oak and pine trees. The neighborhood has a unique makeup and feels as if you are living in the country although you are situated in the middle of a metropolitan area. 

Streets in this vicinity are smaller and do not have sidewalks, giving Menlo Oaks a quaint ambiance. It was not too long ago that people even rode horses down these streets, adding to that old-world feel. The homes in Menlo Oaks are grand and serene, as properties are spaced out from one another and shaded with large trees. 

At the center of Menlo Oaks is the Peninsula School, which is a private nursery through eighth grade school that is located in the Victorian-style Coleman Mansion. Every year, the community holds a picnic at Peninsula School. All residents are invited to this event, making Menlo Oaks a very inclusive and family-friendly neighborhood. As such, community members tend to stay in Menlo Oaks long-term.

Menlo Oaks is an active and exclusive neighborhood as well. The community does not employ the aid of the Menlo Park Police Department. Instead, the neighborhood has its own county deputy sheriffs. Since Menlo Oaks is self-governing, residents can make community decisions together through the Menlo Oaks District Association. The independence and participation in the neighborhood give Menlo Oaks residents a strong sense of pride.

The old-fashioned look and unincorporated nature of Menlo Oaks make it a private and tranquil neighborhood to live in.

Credit: Michael Maze Real Estate

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