4 Luxury Upgrades for Your Burlingame & Hillsborough Home

  • Michael Maze
  • 11/21/21

Do you have an expansive Burlingame home or Hillsborough home with more space than you know what to do with? Upgrade your life with lavish home upgrades! Whether you prefer to stay indoors and watch the latest Hollywood releases or enjoy cooking up a storm on your grill, these upgrades will significantly improve your quality of life. Spend more time enjoying your Burlingame or Hillsborough luxury home with these ultimate home upgrades.

Outdoor Kitchens

Summertime in Burlingame and Hillsborough begs barbecues, poolside lounging, and connecting with your loved ones in the sunshine. Outdoor environments have become a highly touted extension of indoor ones and are enhanced with all the fine luxuries needed for a functional and harmonious outdoor space. The best way to make use of your expansive Burlingame or Hillsborough backyard is with an outdoor kitchen. Given that people spend more time at home these days, this trend has quickly gained popularity among affluent homeowners. Check out this list of eight must-have items when designing a luxury outdoor kitchen.

  • Kitchen units are the backbone of luxury outdoor kitchens. During a family barbecue, the last thing you want to do is go back and forth from your indoor kitchen to grab ingredients and utensils. Check out these outdoor kitchen kits for some all-encompassing cooking units. 

  • Barbecues are essential and offer a broad range of culinary possibilities. Grills range from gas, coal, and electric, each with its advantages. Browse this list of best BBQ grills and outdoor appliances to find a grill suitable for your needs.

  • Integrating a sink into your luxury outdoor kitchen is fundamental—no need to carry things in and out or wash your hands indoors with this feature. 

  • Install an outdoor refrigerator to avoid going back and forth from the indoor kitchen. An outdoor fridge ensures ingredients are always on hand, and drinks, cold dishes, and desserts stay fresh. 

  • The worktop is more than a surface where you prep veggies and install a grill. It needs to have adequate space for serving, preparing, and even set up small buffets or a stunning champagne pyramid for soirees. Ceramic marble or ceramic onyx are popular choices that are particularly resistant, easy to clean, and suitable for contact with food. 

  • A protective cover from the elements is crucial to prevent weather from damaging your outdoor kitchen. Sun damage and rainfall are no match for a sturdy canopy or pergola!

  • Electrical outlets seem like a trivial matter until the moment you need them. Placing sockets in convenient locations will significantly affect where you install your appliances. 


Nothing exudes luxury and innovation quite like a home brimming with technological upgrades. Modern-day homeowners want it all when it comes to technology. With a swift touch of a button on your iPhone, you can lock your doors, control your home thermostat, change the lighting, and access your alarm system, all from the opposite side of the globe! These built-in features are highly sought-after, making daily life more efficient and streamlined. Here are a few luxury home technologies to enhance your Palo Alto real estate.

  • Secure windows and doors offer an added layer of protection through ultra-sensitive motion detectors and fingerprint and face-recognition capability. Ensure the safety of your worldly possessions like priceless artwork and vintage vino with the latest in home protection technology. 

  • Smart kitchen appliances are all the rage in modern mansions. People seek appliances that are stylish, functional, and high-tech. Refrigerators are sophisticated enough to manage food and keep a detailed inventory of what is inside. Even ovens can advise you on the best cooking method based on your meal choice! Options range from automatic espresso machines you can control with your phone to Bluetooth digital electric smokers. Here are some of the best tech-savvy kitchen appliances to keep your kitchen modern and up-to-date. 

  • Smart lighting replaces traditional light bulbs with smart light bulbs, which provide low wattage and boast long lifespans. You can control the lighting in your home remotely, using the internet. 

  • Radiant heat systems supply heat directly to your home’s flooring, panels in the walls, ceiling, and even the driveway. You can customize this luxury home technology to keep your driveway free of snow or keep your bathroom tile warm during winter. 

  • Shade control gives you the option of rising with the sun and ensures you won’t miss any breathtaking sunsets. Through your smartphone, blinds can be opened and closed at specified times throughout the day. 

  • Here are several other smart home devices to make your life easier. 

Wine Cellars

As the wine industry has grown exponentially over the last quarter-century, so has the need for in-home wine cellars. A room dedicated to your growing collection of wines is a must-have home addition! For wine collectors, a wine cellar in the basement or some other devoted room is a perfect place to entertain guests and share your growing wine knowledge. Note these crucial components when designing your in-home wine cellar:

  • Temperature control is arguably the most critical aspect of creating a wine cellar. The ideal temperature range is between 45° F and 65° F. Temperatures higher than 70° F will age your wine quicker than desired, while keeping bottles too chilled will dry out corks and allow air to seep in, damaging the wine. Maintain complete thermal regulation when designing your wine cellar. 

  • Location is essential, as the best place to store wine is underground, where you can maintain a constant temperature to preserve the wine’s high quality.

  • The humidity level should be kept at around 70%. Too dry and the corks will dry out and air will ruin your wine, too moist and you’re inviting mold to the party!

  • Vibration-free is the way to be! Constant motion and vibration from heavy machineries such as washers and dryers will agitate the sediment in the bottle. This will poorly affect the flavor and quality of the wine over time. Let your wine rest peacefully, as much as it makes you feel peaceful when you drink it. 

  • Inappropriate lighting conditions can destroy a delicious bottle of wine. Dark and subdued lighting is ideal for a wine cellar. 

  • Ventilation is essential to reduce odors in the storage area. Without suitable ventilation, the wine will absorb those smells, destroying your collection of exceptional Bourdeaux and Malbec. 

Game & Theater Rooms

Gaming and movie rooms are the ultimate home addition when it comes to luxuriant living. Opulence homeowners are taking their game/theater rooms to the next level by including indoor pools, indoor basketball courts, and wet bars to create the best entertainment room imaginable. This room can consist of a broad range of extravagant features to create a space where you never feel the need to leave your home. Below are some must-have gadgets when designing the best home theater and gaming room.

  • Projectors are essential for movie viewing and gameplay. 

  • Luxury theater seating is a necessity. The best seats are often leather and boast cup holders, a swivel table for snacks, and USB ports for charging devices.

  • Surround sound systems provide excellent sound quality and deep bass to truly immerse you and your guests in the movie viewing experience. 

  • Bass seat shakers send vibrations through your seats during specific movie scenes, making you feel like you exist within the movie realm. 

  • Universal remotes streamline your viewing and gaming experience. This amenity allows you to control the lighting, projector, sound system, and other devices from one central remote. 

  • Install some game consoles to enjoy on your massive screen with superior sound equipment. Include a pinball machine, pool table, or any other beloved arcade games to really tie in the game room theme! 

  • Black-out curtains create the perfect dark room to enjoy watching movies at any time of day. They also provide extra insulation and the ambiance of a commercial movie theater. Invest in motorized curtains so you can control them via your smartphone or universal remote. 

  • Wi-Fi-controlled lighting grants you the best control of the room’s atmosphere.

  • Popcorn machines bring the whole movie viewing experience together. 

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