About Michael Maze

Meet Michael 

Michael Maze is a dedicated, knowledgeable, and personable real estate professional serving Silicon Valley and its many diverse communities. He specializes in luxury real estate and frequently works with first-time buyers and sellers because he excels at utilizing his skills in branding and marketing to help them adapt to the fast-paced market. 

His real estate career started in 2015 when he began working as an assistant in Palo Alto. By 2019, Michael was a fully licensed agent and ready to take on his own clients in the same area, expanding to other popular cities throughout the valley. Having lived in the area for so long, Michael is an expert on the community. He's fond of the opportunities offered by the region — there is always something new and exciting on the horizon when you live in Silicon Valley. 

An expert in consumer psychology, Michael is especially adept at helping his clients find things they might not even be aware they're looking for. He takes great pride in ensuring his clients are 100% satisfied with the results they accomplish together. He feels strongly about making the entire process as easy and stress-free as possible. 

A specialty buyer's and seller’s agent with five years of experience in the fast, ever-changing Silicon Valley marketplace, Michael is always available to his clients at any time of day. He will go above and beyond to ensure they achieve all of their real estate goals. 

Michael is a natural go-getter and a creative at heart. He loves all things fashion and is especially interested in art, mainly paintings and sculptures. Beyond his creative outlets, Michael likes listening to music, practicing yoga, and spending time with his younger sister in his downtime.